Ramadan Grocery for the Underprivileged

Ramadan Grocery for the Underprivileged

During last two years Infaaq community delivered over 300 grocery packs in Ramadan at the doorsteps of underprivileged families and arranged iftar dinner for 250 people in need. InShaAllah we aim to deliver grocery packages to those families – and more – this year too.

While we, who have been blessed by Allah, plan our own suhur and iftaar for the holy month, we can also help relieve one or more extremely poor families of the burden to worry about their next meal, at least during the month of fasting.

Besides zakaat, sehm-e Sadaat, sadaqah and donations, fidya and kaffara can also be given to us for this need as it will go directly to feeding the underprivileged.

One grocery pack comprising one month’s basic Ramadan ration for a family of 4 will cost US$35.

You can also pay directly via Zelle to info@infaaq.org to avoid transfer fees and ensure the amount you donate is utilized in full.

Minimum price: $1.00