Why Charity?

by | Feb 20, 2021 | Charity, Uncategorized

Almost since the beginning of human social interaction it has been natural to ‘give’ – the ‘haves’ sharing with the ‘have-nots’. This, in simple words, is Charity.

This act of giving and sharing creates social justice – a balance in the society which would be absent otherwise. That absence could ultimately result in encouraging destructive forces like crime and plunder and creation of anarchy.

At personal level one of the major positive effects of charity is simply feeling good. Being able to give to those in need helps us to achieve a greater sense of personal satisfaction and growth. In other words, it is a mood booster or gives you a ‘high’.

Charity to an issue close to your heart not only makes you feel good but results in strengthening that cause.  The more the material resources available for it, the more the probability of achieving its goals.

When your children see you engaged in acts of charity, they are encouraged to follow the path in later life. Better still, put them on this path in a small way when they are still young. You can place a small donation box in the house or encourage them to donate a part of their pocket money. This will make the habit of donating and charity their second nature.

It is not just our children whom our acts affect. Each one of us is an ‘influencer’ in our own social sphere. There are friends and family members who are influenced by and like to imitate our acts. Let charity be at the top of this list of acts.

Infaaq Inc is a charitable cause having multifaceted impact. It not only provides us an avenue for utilizing our religious dues but also to give out of our own wealth. And it helps the needy with their financial problems related to unemployment, health, education, household expenses and weddings. Give to Infaaq, volunteer for it and let those around you know about it. In the United States, all donations to Infaaq Inc are tax deductible according to section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code.